National Summer Games postponed to 2022

Freemasons New Zealand Special Olympics

National Summer Games Hamilton 2021

National Summer Games
Postponed to 2022

We are sad to announce that we have had to make the heart-breaking decision to postpone the 2021 Freemasons New Zealand Special Olympics National Summer Games to next year.

This was a difficult decision made by the Board to ensure the safety and wellbeing of athletes, coaches and volunteers due to the current uncertainty around the Delta variant, alert levels and associated stress and impact on our athletes.

We know how hard this announcement is for our 1600 athletes and coaches who have been preparing and fundraising for years for this event. Athlete representative on the Board of Trustees Grace Payne and Chief Executive Carolyn Young discuss the reasons for this difficult decision below.

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Questions & Answers

What were the reasons for postponing the National Summer Games?

A variety of developments made it financially and logistically irresponsible to continue to push ahead. The SONZ Board considered three key issues, with the wellbeing of our athletes and volunteers the most important one.

There is a high risk of infection with Delta and we want to ensure that everyone is safe. The second issue is the heightened uncertainty caused by the Delta virus. We consulted with our clubs and they have made it clear that they needed certainty sooner, rather than later if we had to postpone. 

It was important that the whole country would be able to both participate and the preparation for all athletes is on a level playing field.  Unless the whole country is at level one this is not possible. Finally, management of the financial risk means that our losses could be significant if we wait any longer.

What is happening with the National Summer Games now?

The SONZ team will be working through the current budget for 2021 and will be building a budget for 2022 to ensure that we are able to provide detailed information to our clubs as soon as possible.  There is a lot involved so this will take several weeks to complete.  We will contact clubs as soon as we are able to confirm costs to date and expected costs for 2022.  

Work has been done around investigating possible dates for the delayed event at a variety of times in 2022, we currently working on finalising dates and will keep our clubs and stakeholders up to date as soon as we have made any decisions.

Details on registrations, qualification for the Games, and World Summer Games nominations will all follow before the end of the year. 

If you or your club need support or have any further questions please contact Asti Farrell at